1-2-1 brand advice for startups and entrepreneurs




1-2-1 means bespoke to you

The biggest benefit of the services we provide is that you get 1-2-1 advice. With most other startup advice sessions, you are in a room with twenty or so other startups. The advice and discussion has to be very generic, to make sure everyone feels they have got something from the experience. With BRANDS START HERE, the brand creation advice is given during a 1-2-1 session – either face-to-face of via Zoom video conferencing. So, the whole conversation is aimed at your business and your business’ requirements. We don’t tell you what you need to do to create your brand and leave you to it, we help you create your brand.

Even Stage 2 – the BRANDING PACKAGE – is bespoke to your business. The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE doubles up as a great brief for creating relevant brand identity concepts.

The benefits of creating a brand

Think differently: Start thinking of your business as a brand.

Understand your customers: Start to understand what it is about your business that is attractive to your customers.

Put your customers first: We’re all guilty of it. We spend so much time thinking about our business, we often forget to think about our customers. The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE will help you to start thinking about your business from your customers point of view.

Have focus: Start to focus your activities in the right places, moving forward.

Save time: If you start making sure everything you do is ‘on brand’, you won’t be wasting time on unproductive activities.

Save money: If you start making sure all your marketing activities are ‘on brand’, you won’t waste money on expensive, ineffective advertising.

The benefits of creating strong branding

Consistency: One of the most valuable things about having strong branding is consistency. This will allow customers to recognise your brand in a much more efficient way.

Familiarity: Consistency breeds familiarity. If your target audience becomes familiar with your branding, you will have to spend less money getting them to recognise you in the crowd of messages they see every day.

Trust: Familiarity breeds trust. When something becomes more familiar to somebody, they are more likely to trust it. And trust is the biggest factor in many surveys about what people feel about their favourite brands.

Confidence: Trust breeds confidence. If people are confident, about a brand, they are much more likely to part with their money.

Advocacy: And confidence breeds advocacy. This is where you want to get to. You want your customers to be so confident in your brand, that they tell others about it.

Stage 1:

1-2-1 Brand Creation Package

Start to think about your business differently - as a brand.

The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE has been specially designed to help startups and entrepreneurs with much-needed advice on creating a brand for their business.

Stage 2:

Branding Package

Get a bespoke logo design by an award-winning logo designer.

The BRANDING PACKAGE has been designed to give startups and entrepreneurs the tools to create a consistent visual image, that will help customers recognise their brand.

“I worked with Giles on a branding project for a local small business. Giles literally walked the business owners through the branding process, they felt involved and empowered, and the process re ignited their passion for their business. Within a month of completion their turnover increased by 40%. Giles’ approach of involving and empowering his clients results in business becoming more viable and sustainable.”

H.G. - Small Business Advisor