Stage 1:

The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE has been specially designed to help startups and entrepreneurs with much-needed advice on creating a brand for their business.


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The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE includes the following:

  • The ‘Think:Brand’ Questionnaire: This is a 36-question questionnaire, asking you about your business, your ambitions for your business, your customers and your competitors. The questions are designed to get you to start thinking about your business in a different way – as a brand.
  • ‘Think:Brand’ Research: The information provided in the ‘Think:Brand’ Questionnaire will be used as the basis for our own research into your market place, in preparation for the 1-2-1 Brand Creation session.
  • 1-2-1 Brand Creation Session – (in person, or via Zoom): Once we have received the completed questionnaire back from you, we will arrange a time for a 90-minute 1-2-1 meeting or Zoom video call with Giles Etherington. During the session, Giles will discuss your answers to the questionnaire in more detail, with the intention of starting to define the brand for your business.
  • Brand Creation Report: Following the 1-2-1 Brand Creation Session, Giles will then produce a Brand Creation Report. This is will be a five/six-page summary of the meeting, including your brand defined.
  • Brand Creation Action Plan: Accompanying the Brand Creation Report, will be a bespoke 10-point Brand Creation Action Plan, with a list of tasks designed for you to take your brand forward.
  • 1-2-1 advice: The biggest benefit of the 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE is that it is 1-2-1. The Brand Creation Session is a face-to-face conversation, focussed solely on your business and your business’ requirements.
  • Think differently: Start thinking of your business as a brand.
  • Understand your customers: Start to understand what it is about your business that is attractive to your customers.
  • Put your customers first: We’re all guilty of it. We spend so much time thinking about what we need to do for our business, we often forget to think about our customers. The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE will help you to start thinking about your business from your customer’s point of view.
  • Have focus: Start to focus your activities in the right places, moving forward.
  • Save time: If you start making sure everything you do is ‘on brand’, you won’t be wasting time on unproductive activities.
  • Save money: If you start making sure all your marketing activities are ‘on brand’, you won’t waste money on expensive, ineffective advertising.

Stage 2:

Branding Package

Get a bespoke logo design by an award-winning logo designer.

The BRANDING PACKAGE has been designed to give startups and entrepreneurs the tools to create a consistent visual image, that will help customers recognise their brand.

“Thank you for your time, insight and expertise. You clearly distilled my brand/concept and redirected it into a purposeful, relevant and differentiated business proposition. I left our meeting excited and motivated! The report is an excellent record of our conversation and a fantastic resource to keep me on track and on brand.”

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