Stage 2:

The BRANDING PACKAGE has been designed to give startups and entrepreneurs the tools to create a consistent visual image, that will help customers recognise their brand.


The BRANDING PACKAGE is Stage 2 in the process of creating a successful brand. Only customers that have already completed the Stage1: 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE, or are buying both packages together are eligible to buy.

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The BRANDING PACKAGE is Stage 2 of the process of creating a successful brand. Only customers that have completed the Stage1: 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE are eligible to apply.

The BRANDING PACKAGE includes the following:

  • 3 Logo Design Proposals: You will be presented with three bespoke logo concepts, designed by an award-winning logo designer.
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions: Once you have chosen your preferred route, we will provide a couple of rounds of revisions to make sure you are completely happy. This could include experimenting with different typefaces or colours.
  • Suite of Logos: You will be provided with a suite of logos in different file formats and resolutions, so you have everything you need for print, online and social media.
  • Branding StyleSheet: This will include fonts and branded colour palette, so you can promote your brand in a visually consistent way.
  • Consistency: One of the most valuable things about having strong branding is consistency. This will allow customers to recognise your brand in a much more efficient way.
  • Familiarity: Consistency breeds familiarity. If your target audience becomes familiar with your branding, you will have to spend less money getting them to recognise you in the crowd of messages they see every day.
  • Trust: Familiarity breeds trust. When something becomes more familiar to somebody, they are more likely to trust it. And trust is the biggest factor in many surveys about what people feel about their favourite brands.
  • Confidence: Trust breeds confidence. If people are confident, about a brand, they are much more likely to part with their money.
  • Advocacy: And confidence breeds advocacy. This is where you want to get to. You want your customers to be so confident in your brand, that they tell others about it.

Examples of logo designs

Stage 1:

1-2-1 Brand Creation Package

Start to think about your business differently - as a brand.

The 1-2-1 BRAND CREATION PACKAGE has been specially designed to help startups and entrepreneurs with much-needed advice on creating a brand for their business.

“Giles not only works with you to draw out and improve your brand, but the attention to detail and commitment I found inspirational and even now with my brand well and truly on the map I still feel his support and commitment.”

J.B. - Independent Financial Advisor