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Gender gap revealed by pandemic (and ways women can compensate now)


There is little doubt that the global pandemic affected everyone. However, women took the greatest hit financially, experiencing job loss nearly twice as often as their male counterparts. From shouldering the burden of unpaid care to working in industries that were most damaged by the health crisis, women bore the brunt of the economic pains. But, it’s time to take back our financial futures. Here are some tips on how.


If you’ve never considered entrepreneurship, now’s a great time. Not only are people looking for new and innovative ways to do everything from work at home to stay healthy, most of us are finally starting to feel at ease spending money once again.

Your first step as a fledgling entrepreneur is to build your brand. Not quite sure how to do that? Brands Start Here’s £795 Brand Creation Package is a great place to start. This comprehensive branding service helps you better define your business using an intimate 42-question survey followed by personal coaching via Zoom or in-person and a written report and action plan. Establishing your brand early on will help you better navigate through the competition and build a name for yourself.

Next, make sure to get your brand out there into the world. In today’s digital climate, that means having a website. If you’re not sure how to build a WordPress site, you can find tutorials online from sites like Web Hosting UK. You’ll also need to choose a host and decide if you’re going to design your site yourself or outsource this crucial task to a professional web designer. You will also want to claim your social media handles, which might involve changing your desired online names to ensure consistency.

Other crucial components to handle in the early days of your business are budgeting, forecasting, choosing a business structure, and registering your business with the government. Bear in mind, all these functions come back to bookkeeping, so be sure to create a solid system right from the start. You can easily make a timesheet in a spreadsheet to get started, and then build from there.


While women can certainly do anything men can do, there are certain services we might be more adept at. This includes things like teaching, designing, and offering assistance with health and beauty. Women tend to pay attention to details, so working as a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, or event planner, is a smart choice.

Another great idea for aspiring entrepreneurs is to look into e-commerce. With the right website, you can easily launch an online shop. You don’t even have to have stock on hand, and there are many reselling programs available that let you drop ship unbranded items in packaging pre-labeled with your return address.


If you’re not yet ready to launch your own endeavor, there are still plenty of jobs you might consider that can help you bring in an income quickly. One that comes to mind: working as a restaurant server. To earn the most tips, which you may be able to keep in cash at the end of each day, you’ll want to greet your tables as soon as possible. Maintain a positive attitude, and work toward upselling desserts and higher-priced drinks.

Another option here, which will serve a secondary purpose of helping other women get back to work, is to offer babysitting services. Childcare site Bubble explains that you can earn anywhere from about £8 to £10 per hour watching other people’s children. If you take on three children, you could potentially make out with £1200 per week, which is more than a respectable income. And, it comes with the benefit of being able to stay home and watch your own child or children.

The pandemic unfairly affected the fairer sex. There is no doubt about that. However, we are an unstoppable force, and we’re not going to let it hold us back or keep us down. Now is the perfect time to start your own business or get back to work, and the above tips can help you start earning an income as we emerge from the COVID crisis.

Sarah Bull – economymom.com