1-2-1 brand advice for startups and entrepreneurs

The most important thing branding gives you is consistency.

Your branding is something you have complete control over.

Your branding includes your name. What you call yourself is very important. It includes your logo. The colours and fonts you use. The images and style of images you use. The tone of voice you use for your messages and the stories you tell.

And the most important thing branding gives you is consistency.

Consistency breeds familiarity. If your target audience becomes familiar with your branding, you will have to spend less money getting them to recognise you in the crowd of messages they see every day.

Familiarity breeds trust. When something becomes more familiar to somebody, they are more likely to trust them. And trust is the biggest thing people cite when they talk about their favorite brands.

Trust breeds confidence. If people are confident about a brand, they are much more likely to part with their money.

And confidence breeds advocacy. This is where you want to get to. You want your customers to be so confident in your brand, that they tell others about it. You want them to be selling your brand for you.